Small Dart Gun





Introduction: Small Dart Gun

small simple dart gun powered by a flammable substance.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

pen tube
peizo electric lighter ignitor
duct tape

hot glue gun

Step 2: Put It Together

take the pen barrel and insert it into the highlighter front side put some hot glue were it was inserted then set up the ignitor by using some hot glue and glueing it to the side of the highlighter then set up a spark gap by poking 2 holes in the tube using your knife and inserting the wires close together.(the closer hte wires the hotter the spark is) now wrap the ignitor in duct tape so when you push the button it wont fall off.Now put hotglue were each of the 2 wires for the spark gap were inserted so there is no leaking of liquids.

well your done and all you have to do now is use a fuel source that works and a paperclip to jam the projectile down the barrel (just a suggestion use a needle and poke it through the barrel so when you put in the projectile it doesnt fall through)to anyone with suggestions to make this any better feel free to post



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    The instructable could be greatly improved.

    yes i completely agree

    sorry about my bad picture but i had to scan it with my scanner instead of take a picture because i havent bought a new camera since my last one broke

    thats okay when i made this gun i shot my sister and she ended up in hospital jokes lol!!!

    hey, i think his one picture is better than 20 pictures taken from close up without the flower-button being pushed.

    hello, I was wondering if I could use the picture above of the dart gun. I want to use it for a school project, but my professer wants prove that I have permission to use the picture, so I figured I should ask. I would appreciate it, thanks.

    Try buying a stick of solid rocket fuel and cutting a small (i mean SMALL, its rocket fuel) slive and sting down to the bottom. if u have bb's then its like miniature shotgun. its pretty flippin sweet.