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Introduction: Small Bathroom Makeover

About: Father, artist, atheist, DIY enthusiast

I have this small bathroom in my house, kind of an extra bathroom. I wanted to have a bathroom for myself apart from my wife's bathroom. So I just needed to upgrade this one. Nothing fancy, just make it presentable.

Step 1: Tools



tico tico saw




Step 2: Sink

I started by adding a simple balcony to the sink.

I made it using two boards together, and fix them as shelves. You just have to cut an half circle to fit the sink.

I also made an under shelve.

this was a very simple sink, and without having to buy another one it became better looking after the balcony was in place.

Step 3: Towel Storage

Than I made a towel storage cube.

it also hides the gate valve.

Step 4: Hangers and Holders

I just used wood scraps to make the hangers and holders.

The towel hangers are glued and screwed.

the paper holder is just glued.

the towel holder is a wood rectangle with re-enforcements on the sides.

I also added a shelve to the window. (the pic is a little dark because it is against the light)

Step 5: Finished!

just added a some details. A place for my shave kit, and one for my toothbrush. All made from wood scraps.



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    I am hunting for ideas to fix our main bathroom. I like the simplicity of the design. Thanks for sharing.

    great idea thanks for sharing

    ¬°Felicidades! Excelente idea y muy buen trabajo

    Sencillez es elegancia

    1 reply

    I really like the way this turned out. The sink balcony is lovely!

    1 reply

    I also love how you fixed up the sink! well done.

    1 reply

    This is super simple! Cant think why I haven't done it ages ago. Will be doing just this to our bathroom!

    1 reply