small but powerful 5 shot knex bb gun.

Step 1: Peices

what you need:

4 yellow bars
5 blue bars
2 white bars
2 green bars

2 yellow connectors
2 white connectors
3 red connectors
1 orange connector
7 grey connectors
3 light grey (v shaped) connectors
3 or more elastic bands
IMPORTANT!!!im am sorry but i made a mistake where the white is it is ment to be connected to the blue and yellow.

Step 2: Trigger

make this.

Step 3: Handle

make this.

Step 4: Barrel

make this.

Step 5: Barrel

make this.

Step 6: The Rest of It

make this.

Step 7: The Rest of It.

make this.
block trigger, it burns!
these arent real pictures so where did u get them from?
it is MCLAD i think.
oh thanks
you are welcome, oblivitus uses it.
it's a software
Why is this incomplete, because the video shows more to the gun.
I'm sorry I didn't have enough time so can you please forgive me and copy the video if you can. thank you. p.s I like your name
do you like my new pic? it's the CIA logo.
i added a bic pen barrel for a clip and now its hott
were's the rest of it and how does it fire
put a pin in pull back and then squeeze trigger in
Thats not a lot of people :l
you load it in the top (where the v shaped greys are) you open it up and load bb in about 5/6
? what he said V
where do you load the projectile and what is the projectile?
how does it fire?
you pull back the pin tell everyone you no about my gun
hi cool gun and gues who this is. tim
join my group its called knex modles and guns plz join
add to "the list"?
huh, small. YA first comment!

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