Introduction: Small But Powerful Knex Bb Gun.

small but powerful 5 shot knex bb gun.

Step 1: Peices

what you need:

4 yellow bars
5 blue bars
2 white bars
2 green bars

2 yellow connectors
2 white connectors
3 red connectors
1 orange connector
7 grey connectors
3 light grey (v shaped) connectors
3 or more elastic bands
IMPORTANT!!!im am sorry but i made a mistake where the white is it is ment to be connected to the blue and yellow.

Step 2: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

make this.

Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle

make this.

Step 4: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

make this.

Step 5: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

make this.

Step 6: The Rest of It

Picture of The Rest of It

make this.

Step 7: The Rest of It.

Picture of The Rest of It.

make this.


ol987986 (author)2009-10-16

block trigger, it burns!

sharlston (author)2009-04-30

these arent real pictures so where did u get them from?

An Villain (author)sharlston2009-08-11

it is MCLAD i think.

sharlston (author)An Villain2009-08-12

oh thanks

An Villain (author)sharlston2009-08-12

you are welcome, oblivitus uses it.

knex maddo (author)sharlston2009-05-03

it's a software

Skaptor (author)2008-06-19


then (author)2008-04-19

Why is this incomplete, because the video shows more to the gun.

knex maddo (author)then2008-04-20

I'm sorry I didn't have enough time so can you please forgive me and copy the video if you can. thank you. p.s I like your name

then (author)knex maddo2008-04-24

do you like my new pic? it's the CIA logo.

Wafflicious (author)2008-03-12

i added a bic pen barrel for a clip and now its hott

chip0152 (author)2008-01-27

were's the rest of it and how does it fire

knex maddo (author)chip01522008-01-28

put a pin in pull back and then squeeze trigger in

Spense09 (author)2007-12-12

Thats not a lot of people :l

knex maddo (author)2007-12-12

you load it in the top (where the v shaped greys are) you open it up and load bb in about 5/6

deathsithz (author)2007-12-11

? what he said V

Spense09 (author)2007-12-09

where do you load the projectile and what is the projectile?

Spense09 (author)2007-12-09

how does it fire?

knex maddo (author)Spense092007-12-09

you pull back the pin tell everyone you no about my gun

bob the mighty (author)2007-12-09

hi cool gun and gues who this is. tim

join my group its called knex modles and guns plz join


altaria1993 (author)2007-12-07

add to "the list"?

thebboy (author)2007-12-05

huh, small. YA first comment!

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