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hi, this is my first knex gun. this is quite a small gun.it can be very powerfull i mean powerfull. You can use it as a bb gun but its better shooting the propper knex green rod ammo. Easy to make aswell.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
*10 green rods
*9 white rods
*4 yellow rods
*4 red connectors
*4 orange connectors
*2 white connectors
*2 rubber bands (preferably 3)

Step 2: The barrel

Picture of the barrel
look at the picture not here!

Step 3: Trigger and sight

Picture of trigger and sight
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1.the trigger.
2. putting it on.
3. the base of the sight.
4.the white bit is the sight.

Step 4: Handle and ammo holder

Picture of handle and ammo holder
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1. the rod for the handle/ ammo holder to clip onto.
2. the handle/ ammo holder main bit.
3. clipping it on.
4. do what the photo shows.
5. storing the ammo, you should be able to fit in 9 green rods.
6. keeping them in.

Step 5: Firing pin

Picture of firing pin
you might need to sellotape the orange connector to the yellow rod.

Step 6: Putting it all together

Picture of putting it all together
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1. the handle.
2. the firing pin.
3. putting the rubber bands on.
4. ditto! You can use 3 rubber bands if you want

Step 7: Loading and firing

Picture of loading and firing
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1. point the barrel to the floor. now pull down the bass of the handle so you can take ou the bullets. take out 1 - 2 bullets dippending on if you want to use it as a shotgun or not. put the ammo into the barrel
2. now hold the yellow rod that is going out of the side of the orange connector and pull until the trigger cliks into place. hold the handle in your right hand and rest your thumb on the grey connector.
3. the view down the gun.

Step 8: Lets party!

Picture of lets party!
yah, we are we are finished wo!
we are we are finished wo!
we are we are finished wo!
we are we are finished wo!
we are we are finished wo!
we are we are finished wo!
sorry! i got a bit carried away!:)
please comment on this gun.
please rate this gun highly.
KnexFreek5 years ago
PigeonMan755 years ago
nice one

Knave1255 years ago
I think you should mod the scope and move it all the way back instead of moving it forward and you need to make the handle longer,because it moves.
NYPA6 years ago
NYPA6 years ago
if you take a regular rubber band, and double wrap it, It SO WORKS! it is awesome!!
J4mm3r56 years ago
i agree with Odin6616 it isn't semi-auto im afraid 3*
I don't see the "semi-auto" aspect.
mwagner637 years ago
not semi auto
not even bolt action, single action
muzzle loadsing single action with block trigger
not even comfortable to hold or powerful enough to tear "foil"
timmyoes7 years ago
its pretty good... i like it
I made this was really good and convenient small for carrying about and pretty powerful for its size with the right rubber bands. love the ammo carrier great idea the best small/pocket gun on site.
bowmasterz7 years ago
a bit carried away? more like a lot! :)
CJ Pain7 years ago
cool I shot it outside and it just dropped out the barrel because i had a big count down from 10 then it just went splat on the ground. lol
great gun! i like it
zap897 years ago
you need to make the handle better and more stable and also you need to change the block tripper, but everythng else it good, nice gun mate
I put 2 big giant rubber bands on it and it shot from one side of my house to the other!! LIKE 150 ft.
deathsithz7 years ago
nice gun for just starting try fing a diffrent type of trigger
I don't mean to be mean or anything, but... why did you post this?
ojochris7 years ago
I agree 100% with Aj301292
aj3012927 years ago
dude this isn't a good gun but its not the worst 1. it isn't autocock (semi-auto) 2. block triggers arnt the best but it is a good beginners gun 3/10
robodud38 years ago

wat does aoutcock mean like urs is muzzel loading singalshot like the one i posted here (or up there i dont get the links) 'cept mine looks better


i hate when people say their gun is semi automatic the definition of semi auto is:Fires as fast as you pull the trigger! autocock isn't even a word but if it were a word its definition is the same as semi automatic wich there is only one true semi automatic on this hole site as far as knex goes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh yeah i totally agree with gamer 5 I'm acrappy gun hater get ready there will be more crappy gun haters i'm not saying get rid of block triggers all together just these kind flieing gooses is nice but this is crappy =( ok i could go on and on and on forever but i keeping it at this oh yeh ammo holder is kind of cool oh yeh ive been working on normal knex clips that fit in the gun and come out of the gun kinda like an airsoft gun clip but with knex and a new type of gun to go with it if anyone has an idea message me on my orange board

- laccrose rox
jackington8 years ago
powerful but not accurate
Myself8 years ago
Shotguns don't have bullets, they have shot. Hence the name, you know.
ArcoSU Myself8 years ago
some shotguns use slugs, a slug can be as many as 8 to as few as one, so technically it is abullet
yes a good gunfor beginners and i like the ammo holder too
This is a greatly made instructable. the gun, however, is prettym uch useless AND crappy. Sorry... well, the ammo holder is really cool..
Easy Button8 years ago
first comment woot! but oh my frickin god no more block triggers get ready for crappy gun haters(including me)