after watching many useful tutorials of king of random,kipkay ,aeszok and  other athours i decided to make my own.for this i collected the materials.but on my way of collecting materials i found a new concept of making a  small speaker.i could not buy big neodimiyam magnets and so i took out very small magnets from toys and then tried and actually it worked.and it is under only 25 cents.yes its true.so lets get started.

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Step 1: Things Needed

for this project you will need:

1)small neodymium magnets very small cilyndrical magnets:3. each costs 0.05 cents total 15 cents
2)a sheet of paper. cost 0.02cents
3)a piece of cardboard .can be found from any junkyards
4)some magnetic wires.can be salvaged from any electronics parts
5)two buisness cards.can be found from any buisnessmen 

thats all you need.it will cost you17cents.
<p>can we use ordinary magnet instered of neo magnet</p>
<p>Yes of course! You could use any magnet you want, just make sure they are powerful.</p>
thanks for suggestion....... and I will keep my years open...........
i have headphone with me...... when I opened its out-cover of wire then there were three wires of orange, red and green.... please tell which wire to join which end??? especially that which wires will be joined with one terminal only....
take speaker from any toy or such thing.now headphone jack to the mobile and play a song,now take the three wires from the headphone jack and touch two of them to the terminals of the speaker each time.if you attach the right wires to the speaker then you may hear the song in the toy .then these two wire is the right wire.now attach the wire to your handmade speaker and hear the music!the poles of the wire how you attach does not matter.because i dont get wires with colour in my headphone i cant tell exactly which colour.if you dont have external speakers then use your handmade one.but keep your years open because the sound will be faint.
Very nice job man 1 <br> <br>Good luck <br>also i vote you :)
thank you very muchhhhhhhhh!
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That's so cool!

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