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My buddy had a shovel he was going to throw out,  because it was bent.  I took it and made this.

Step 1:

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As u can see, it use to be a shovel,  at one time...took a air cutting, tool, like metal cut off saw.  Three cuts, in tri-angle, shape.
took a pipe coupling, any size to fit wooden handle, of your choice, weld it in the middle, beat it egg shape, to hole the handle, drill it and add one or two, metal nails, to keep handle in.   than paint it any color u want.

Step 2: Was Used to Replace Main Water Line Into House.

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it was used to cut tree roots, around the foundation, and it works well in close quarters. was made in the tech shop.

Step 3:

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a easy time of removing soil, with this, also notice that the tip can be reinforced with back-bone welding. making it stronger.

Step 4:

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cut out roots up to 4-5 inch, sharp item, or can be, be very careful, this thing can and will, take your toes off. 


Permahaven (author)2012-12-31

Great Tip THX from Denmark

rimar2000 (author)2012-04-05

Good work!

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