Small Knex Gun




Introduction: Small Knex Gun

this is a small pocket sized knex gun but can be powerfull with more rubber bands

Step 1: Handle

snap the blue rood into the reconector

Step 2: Finger Guard

take the two purple connecters and snap it onto the side of the white rod
than squeeze the connecters together

Step 3: Puting Them Together

take the handle sections and put them on each side of the finger guard

Step 4: The Gun Part

put 8 red conecters on a yellow rod than put the trigger on then put two more red conecters on than add the other yellow rod

Step 5: Put It All Together

connect the handle to the gun by connecting the red connectors to the yellow rods than add the fireing rod



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    hey im looking for good gun where do i look?

    my first instructionable

    (good job butchering the word instructable lol)

    yes, but that is not a excuse to post a bad gun(don't get mad yet, just keep reading). we have many of guns like this, there almost exact to this. so we don't need this.

    what we need is bigger and better guns.

    I disagree. Bigger isn't always better, especially when you don't have many parts to spare. Instructables desperately needs more small guns like this...

    i never said it was, but a good gun WILL be bigger then this gun here.

    Yeah, all the guns I EVER made were bigger, more accurate, stronger, comfyer, better looking and more powerful than this. Even my gun has a true trigger.

    Not necessarily. The guns I use have less pieces than this, and work really well. A fast loading, reasonable distance gun probably will be larger than this, but it is possible to build really good small guns.

    no offense, but the guns you have posted are nothing to get worked up about.