Building It




Introduction: Ammo

this is the ammo

Step 1: How to Shoot

this shows u how to shoot

Step 2: Done!

ur done now :D



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    My final rage before I leave the site.

    THIS is terrible. This isn't good at all. This is a Knexing step back to the last decade. You are an ignorant and stupid person who has no grasp on spelling and grammar. This IS NOT post worthy, and never will be. People, take the only leaf I am offering you from my book. Stop this crap being posted! The Knexing world will be a better place without all of these senseless designs being posted, clogging up our ideas and setting bad examples of previous posts. Stop the noobs rating everything 5*s. People could then tell what is good. The 'Basic Knex cannon' was good for its time, but now we are more advanced. It is still rated five stars. People like this guy are seeing these and thinking along the lines of 'Wow! I can do a tiny bit better than that!' and making things like this, posting them, clogging the site. Ban me, sham me, do whatever you want. Just know I was the starter of the revolution. The revolution you need to continue. I am right. I always was. The Knexing world on Instructables has gone to the dogs. Carry on Knexing people. Make the world a better place.

    For the last time, RMConstruction out.


    Protip: NEVER post your "first knex gun ever".

    Please dont post these simple block trigger guns, they infect our community. Use mine and DJ Radios's guns as an example =D