Small Simple Knex Pistol





Introduction: Small Simple Knex Pistol

this pistol is small light wieght and it shoots anything that fits in the barrel
now ime sure some of you think this is a copy of killerks pistol but imade this before i saw his and it is a little different
knex pieces for this re standard and anyone thats bought a decent knex set should have the pieces

Step 1: Gather Parts

simple parts very few

15 light grey w/ 2 clips
1 dark grey w/ 1 clip
2 yellow
3 orange/brown
2 clip rod hybrid thing
2 red
10 green

3 red/green
3 green/bleck nubs
1 yellow
2 whites

rubber bands
2 or so the news pper ones are excelent

Step 2: Barrel

hooki it up like picure its prety simple except dont put the ruber bands on

Step 3: Firing Pin

alright this isnt hard but if u dont have one ov thes parts on the end just dont put in the nub and use the clip parralel to the red/green rod
thenj when you put the firing pin in the barrel hook a clip/nub thing inbetween the light and dark grey conectors

the clip nub thing shuld be worn down on the inside otherwis dont use it a way to were it down is put it on some other powerful gun and shoot it many many times

Step 4: Handel

look at the pic super simple

Step 5: Ruberbands/cocking It

put the ruber bands on like in the pic then justpull back the firing pin to cock it the trigger should just click into place

i also added a pic of my m32 mgl(multiple grenade luancher)
due to debute in a month or so



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    it aint a copy of killerk,s pistol so shove off h8erz

    Hello i dont build verry much knex parts because i arely have any but where do you get the parts like any particular store.

    old Instructable but I want to point out something to everyone. Who do you guys think you are? He said that he thought of this before he saw killerks and I doubt he'd lie because there is really no point to it then. You all think that killerk is so great (no offense) that he has higher priority over the guns made by other people as to the point where other guns that remotely look like his at the slightest have to be called killerk mods or something similar or they get assaulted for thinking up a similar design without the help of killerk. Gees just think about that.

    6 replies

    Amen, brother from another mother!!

    Peace to that sister from another blister!

    I agree with thedunkis. p.s. thedunkis iis my favorite knex builder.

    Nice pistol! You probably should include "Do not aim at eyes or face."

    1 reply

    HAWCit isn't even a good mod version of killerks gun
    check out mine
    click my name

    and for my crossbow:

    Dum Dum Dum Dum, Another one Bittes The List


    looks like a mini killerk

    i already said its not a copy theres a few ways to make a good pistol and this is one of them killer k decided that the firing pin in the light grey pieces was a good way to do it so did i and if you bothered to take 15 min to make the pistol and compare killers with mine you noticbly see the simalaritys and differences in them

    so its a mod

    call it a mod of killer ks otherwise ppl will be mad.