Introduction: Small Standered Knex Pistol

Picture of Small Standered Knex Pistol

this is my first instructable. It is not very powerful but it will shoot about 15ft when shooting little green rods.
oh and sorry about the bad pictures.

Step 1: Pieces You'll Need

Picture of Pieces You'll Need

2 orange
13 green

2 green(including 1 for ammo)
2 red
4 blue
1 yellow

2 little blue spacers
1 long rubber band(works best with thin bands)

Step 2: Barrell Part 1

Picture of Barrell Part 1

its pretty self explanitory just build what you see.

Step 3: Barrell Part 2

Picture of Barrell Part 2

just add the 2 blue spacers and an orange connector with a green rod on the end to the rods then add the rest of the green pieces in the same way as the last 6.

Step 4: Ram Rod

Picture of Ram Rod

there is NO need to explain this step

Step 5: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

add the 4 blue rods as shown

Step 6: Applying the Rubber Band

Picture of Applying the Rubber Band

insert the ram rod in to the barrell then take the large rubber band and put 1 side over the remaining red rod sticking out of the end of the barrell then wrap it around the gun as shown and put the other side of the band on the other red rod.


GTRPLR1995 (author)2010-10-22

Im going to let you in on a secret of this site. If you post any gun with a block trigger, You gona get one of the following....
5. If you cant build anything beside a block trigger, DONT POST!!!

So do yourself a favor, Keep thinking, use other guns for ideas, and dont post a block trigger gun. It'll make all of us pros very happy.

LF out

mp3 player (author)2009-08-30

i only used 1 green piece

skyestorm22 (author)2008-07-04

how many green pieces are at the end

MI6 (author)2008-06-22

ATTENTION ALL K'NEX GUN-MAKERS or better still ESPECIALLY ww2 gun enthusiasts

Please visit:

Darth Trainman (author)2007-07-12

Oh god No. Small standered pistol. Wow. Killerk copy. Absolute killerk copy. Awful pictures, nothing new. Please, If you want to post a knex gun post something new, not something we have 160+ of.

combot55 (author)Darth Trainman2008-05-03

new type search fhat

Seroly, I made a killerk gun copy(did not post it) and got it to shoot through cardboard and a can. 15 feet? You expect us to let it go because its your "first instructable" my first was a auto-loading assult rifle that got a range of 25 feet. Please...

I think we've bashed him enough for now.

StyleCore (author)2008-03-11

Please dont post simple guns like these.

wussap (author)2007-07-12

ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your instructable makes me want to jump off a building

Whaleman (author)wussap2007-07-13

I already tried it, it doesn't do anything.

halomaster007 (author)Whaleman2008-01-07

yes it does

Whaleman (author)halomaster0072008-01-07

Didn't for me. Maybe one story wasn't high enough....

gunmanx (author)2007-08-17

this is not very good

igopdkglcxbjgo (author)2007-08-15

your gun sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mepain (author)2007-07-13


Easy Button (author)Mepain2007-07-13

oh my god i really messed that one up lol should of used spell check (on firefox)

Whaleman (author)Easy Button2007-07-13

ya, that is what I use, but it thinks instructables is not a word

Darth Trainman (author)Whaleman2007-07-14

Yep. I have that.

Metal4God (author)Darth Trainman2007-07-22

after a while it get annoying so I turn it off half the time

Mepain (author)2007-07-13


*Fires 15 feet


*First Instructable

*Sorry for bad pictures

This all seems very familiar, almost as if I've seen this many many times before...

Wait a minute!

Metal4God (author)Mepain2007-07-16

Its on almost every knex instructables

Whaleman (author)Mepain2007-07-14

(twilight zone theme song)

Easy Button (author)2007-07-13

omg wow i think its a record theres been like 10block trigers today it stinks

Mad Cat (author)2007-07-12

And let it be your last Instructable... Ome on man, you know what we want...

Flie-Ing GOOse (author)2007-07-12


Vynash (author)2007-07-12

first comment yippee

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