Smallest Knex Suspension Truck on This Site





Introduction: Smallest Knex Suspension Truck on This Site

yes, here it is, the smallest suspension truck on this site. some features:

opening hood
fake engine
opening back door
bad suspension(well, it is puny)
tiny DOORS!

Step 1: Suspension

pretty easy

Step 2: Fake Engine

really easy to make.

Step 3: Main Body

this step will hold everything together.

Step 4: Side Panels

this step will make the truck look cool.

pic 1:back section
pic 2:front section

Step 5: Back Door and Hood

these are the more functional parts.

pic 1:back door
pics 2-3:hood

Step 6: Cab

this part also makes the truck look cool.

Step 7: Putting It Together

pic 1:engine and main body
pic 2:main body and hood
pic 3:front side panel and main body
pic 4:front side panel and hood
pic 5:back side panel and front side panel
pic 6:back side panel and back door
pics 7-8:cab and main body
pic 9:main body and suspension



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    I don't have two hinges but it looks cool.

    OMG that is sick awsome dude good job!!!

    its like a mini monster truck

    Nice but i have two hinge connector and i given on to my friend now i have 1 lol
    give me my hinge!!

    can u make indapendent suspension plzz and then show how to make it

    weel u built it wrong i built it it works just fine

    this is very well done... I built it and I love it... thanks


    Your car is neat! Im gunna make it now. :)

    i dont  have some of those peices