Smart Car





Introduction: Smart Car

here one idea to be smart on your car,
simple and easy to make, this solution will transform your driving concept,

everything more easy,to answer to the phone, speak with somebody, calling with skype, and much more.

how to do this?

- take your phone cover

- take a pastilles adhesives like "multi-tack" glue, like "PRITT", "PATAFIX"

- fix your cover to the steering wheel.

- pressing, pushing

- well done, let's start to be smart.

Do not use your phone while you're driving, this is against the law , do not risk your life ,
what just presented is for informational purposes only , I will not be responsible for damage to persons or property.



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    6 Discussions

    not smart at all

    a DIY should be creative.using adhesives is not any sort of creativity and would ruin your steering wheel.also its dangerous in case airbag blows out.

    Because texting while driving is a great thing to do.

    I wouldn't recommend doing something like this in a car like that or any car with airbags...

    1 reply

    the airbag opens up, then the phone would be thrown on the ceiling or on the front glass but certainly not on your face,

    Obviously, the phone will be broken, but I think that if you will open the air bag , you do not have to worry about the phone, but rather the damage to the car or to yourself