Step 3: Prepare Grill for Smoking

place chunks of your favorite wood off to one side of the grill.
you will set the gas on low enough to ignite and cause the wood to smolder and smoke.
you need to have room to place your ribs away from the direct smoke as too much can cause it to be bitter.
set the gas to a low setting and put a reliable thermometer in for monitoring the temps.
you want to maintain about 250-300 for smoking.
If you want really good meat falling off the bones ribs, pressure cook them for about 20 minutes, then finish them off on the grill. Then you only need about 20-30 minutes to sear and cook down the sauce. Super delicious ribs in about an hour!
mmmm riiiiiiibs! If I could survive on just one food it'd be ribs. It woul dbe a short life, but such a tasty way to expire. Great job!

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