Smoker's Healthy Dust Bin




Introduction: Smoker's Healthy Dust Bin

About: courious

Step 1: The Things

You'll only need two things:
1. An empty milk box
2. A cutter

Step 2: The Cut

Make a hole on one side of the box.

Step 3: The Art

Give your touch of art. For example, trace and cut by tracing the pattern of  pictures or logos on the box.

Step 4: The Finale

Finnaly you have a smoker's dust bin that enriched with vitamins and minerals!



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    wouldn't it be from ultra cows?

    You'd think, right? But apparently that's too intuitive for Apple Corporation.

    What exactly is healthy about this? you are still inhaling a lot of nasty chemicals... more to the point wheres a nice disclamer about the effects of smoking and why not to do it? 

    Im rating 0.5*
    and before you make a comment about me hating smokers etc (a lot will) i smoke myself. and call me a hypocrite but im not endorsing smoking and i always put that point across

    2 replies

    The "healthy" is from the fresh milk, it should be obvious that the title is a bit of a joke.


    Why does every instructable need a disclaimer.  Especially this one that says smoking is bad.  Obviously smoking is bad, warnings are plastered everywhere, and I'm going to take a guess and say that theres a warning somewhere on the package of cigarettes themselves that warn of the dangers of smoking.

    The author probably should include a warning on cutting cardboard with sharp objects, to include only cut with adult supervision.