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Well where to star... this is my first instructable so any recommendations are welcome. 2 days before hallowing i decided to make a pumpkin for my friend's little girl as she is going to a pumpkin party, as a Spaniard had no idea of pumpkin carving or hallowing celebrations so please don't judge the carving hehehe after some design i saw in here it looks pretty .....well.

I wanted to do something a bit out of the typical although i had no much time or materials to work with (this is very basic and easy to make). The basic idea comes from a smoke machine i made when i was about 15, the liquid used on most of the smoke machines can be use just by heating it up with anything till boiling point ( if im right the machines pulverise it onto a electric resistor, so the little quantity the better). I was going to build a little version of that machine when going through the pile of "rubbish" i got in the garden shed i saw an oil burner. It worked pretty well for the simplicity i required but given it was ceramic did not reach quickly enough the temperature required. Then i decided to have a go with a tin and candles (same idea than the oil burner tho more "powerful and can be made in 2 minutes), fitted inside the pumpkin but did not convinced me not enough heat and a bit unpractical to light the candles. Then my "assistant" comes up with a great idea, what about using a fondue thingy with a gel burner (who does not have a couple of them stuck in some cupdrobe?) so i did. What i basically did is made a hole on the bottom of the pumpkin where i place a tin, every now and again put some smoke liquid in the tin and enjoy. It wuold take that much to make some kind of drop system to avoid the neccesity of refill the tin with smoke liquid but i just didnt have the time...

You can see on the pictures how is been made, doesn’t require a genius to follow the idea or improve it, the actual trick is the liquid if you can find it on your local electronic shop you don’t need to spend more than 10 min doing this. I used some fabric to make the smoke come more equally from all the holes tho at some point under a stress test it got on fire!!! Quite expectacular i must admit, so if you are using a candle or gel burner bear in mind the safety common sense and do not place the pumpkin next to the curtains! I accept no liability for any burned house!!! btw if you have smoke sensors at home you better use this outdoors.

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