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Introduction: Snake Wreath

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I've been seeing these snake wreaths around on Pinterest and decided I needed to make one. They're gorgeous! It combines two of my favorite things: snakes and Halloween decorations! And I really love Halloween decorations like this wreath because they look so fancy with very little time and effort put in. :D

I wish I had a nicier door to put this snake wreath on for photos, but alas, a boring white door is all I have! Oh well. I'm still impressed with the finished product!

I decided to hang my snake wreath using clear nylon thread, but fishing line would work well, too!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

I was able to get the wreath and snakes from Amazon - I linked to the ones I bought. I have almost half of the snakes left over, which is awesome. I'll have to think of something else to do with them :D

Step 2: Glue the Snakes

Glue the snakes firmly on to the wreath however you want - I tried to cover it pretty consistently, and I also left a few hanging over the edge.

(If you have cats, they will try to help with this part, I had to kick Lu out)

Step 3: Paint It!

I chose to paint the front first, then the back, and then flip it back over and touch up the front. That gave me really good coverage!

Just be sure to let the paint dry between coats - anytime you're painting plastic and loads of glue things are sure to go wrong if you rush it. :P

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Those other snakes? Make a hat. Very traditional, LOL

I just ordered my wreaths and snakes. I plan to make two. One for a Wiccan friend who goes all out on All Hallow's Eve and one for me!

Just bought my wreath, snakes, and paint, and we're ready to go. I love this wreath.

This looks just like the Martha Stewart one that was released a few years back. I can't wait to make one!

you are an evil genius - great INST as always.

I Loved this project . the results are amazing :D thank you so much !!

#SnakeCrown... because flower crowns are too mainstream.

Loved this project


The high gloss really makes it Jessy. Nice job!

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Thank you! I thought so too - somehow makes it grosser :D

As always... another hit, out of the park!!!

By the way as per my TARDIS bird feeder they are being called Squirreleks now!

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Hahaha! Squirreleks! I like that :D

Did you have any trouble gluing the snakes on? I got the same snakes, and they almost seem 'hot glue resistant' - like nothing will stick to them.