Sniper Mech + Gun





Introduction: Sniper Mech + Gun

hey guys if you have seen my video you will know what the gun it. i haven't seen a mech like this one before so if people said i have copied some else's gun i am sorry.

for the video ---

Step 1: The Mech and Boday

1. the mech
2. the trigger mech
3. body side 1
4. body side 2
5. add trigger and body side 1

Step 2: Handle, Barrel and Stock

Step 3: Loading and Fireing



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    thats cool i got it to go 70 feet with 3 laccy bands

    no problem! and also, you may want to create the handle flat on the bottom rather than pointed, for looks.

     seems pretty good. I would try it out, but I don't have the time anymore. the mech seems simple yet efficient, but I can't tell from looking at it if it would hold the power needed for the range of a sniping rifle. But, as i said, it seems pretty good. keep it up!!!

    Oh so this is the gun you mentioned on my breaking sniper. Well it isn't identical to mine an the bolt release bar is different, and the mech is different. And the bullet it different. And the loading method is different.

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    nooo not really, the only thing thats different is the look.

      Well hang on! I checked my mech and then yours and they are constructed in different ways! I came up with the concept myself, even if you came up with it before me I had no idea that this gun existed. And besides I've seen some other gun with a similar mech also

    i have made it , it's okay , bud if there is a lot of power , the trigger broke off .. i try to make another one , bud than with this trigger , and the trigger system , of the dragonflY , the top .. where the ammo in go's .. maby you understand my ... the dragonfly is very very powerfull , just the barrel can broke off , and the bow top.. so , i make a mix between this trigger , dragonflY , en sr-v1 ... i hope it's gonna be very very powerfull gun ;) maby , it is a little unclear ... bud i'm dutch ;)

    hmm normal rubberbands ... the barrel is gonna be long for me .. bud , do you tink if there is a lot of power , he broke off ? ( the trigger system )??

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    and please , tel the truth , because , i don't wonna build a gun for nothing .. ;)

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    well the trigger has never broken of for me yet. it depends on how long the barrel is and what type of rubber bands you are using for the range of the gun.

    mony maker , nice trigger system , pretty simple , bud very usefull . i would build it en mod it , bud i have some questions. how far does it shoot , feet/meters ... i saw the video , and there i saw a very bad range .... if there come a lot of power on the trigger , can it broke off ? sorrry for that questions , bud i hope i can make a ver powerfull gun of it .. ;) ~dutchguy

    pretty good. the stock could be better. same goes for the handle. and the barrel. the best part is the mechanizim(did i spell that wrong? lol)

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    have you built the gun ???