Star Trek Lcars Theme





Introduction: Star Trek Lcars Theme

the lcars theme is going to be a cool theme its called pre lcars
this is based on the sar trek pannels ok enjoy
from: halo3 ps download from here:] click dot exe click on administrator password is stengineer



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    Very, very cool! Can't wait to see this completed.

    no offence bt d u nt tnk ur a bit old for knex

    You can't be too old for knex. EVER.

    cool. reminds me very much of lcars x32 nearly the exact same thing but x32 has more features like voice commands and stuff. but this is still really cool

    it shoots 25ft halo3 ps look in my second pic cool huh im building that

    that is not the body of a gun from halo3 because all of the guns in halo that were made by humans had a bullpup design which inturn made them more acurate.

    1 the gun is from star trek and that pic he has is of a gun that only 25' ya thats real far my tec-9 shoots twice as far as that also that gun he has a pic of is gonna be as acurate as if you just closed your eyes and pulled the trigger

    you gonna post your tec-9 anytime soon, and does it have a mag, and does it come apart sorta?