Introduction: Snow/waterproof Firestarter

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This is a fairly simple project requiring only a few supplies and anyone can do it. This fire starter is waterproof snow proof and a it can light wet tender and small pieces of wood. It is also lightweight and fairly compact.

Step 1:

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List of supplies 1 container of used candle wax 1 partial piece of an egg carton the paper kind and 1 double boiler

Step 2: Heat the Wax

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This srep is very simple take the container of used wax and put it into a double boiler heating the wax until it becomes liquid

Step 3: Pour the Wax

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Now poor the wax into the little cups of the egg carton and let it cool

Step 4: Fire Away

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Now that the wax is cool we can test our awesome firestarter clip a cup off and light the edge of it. If you like this please try it and comment. This is also an entry for the outdoor contest(hint, hint).


Fred.Royal (author)2015-02-11

Fill cups with mixture of dryer lint and paper from cross cut paper shredder. Uses less wax and burns longer.

daviddunn2569 (author)2014-04-23

I have used those and dryer lint the pine gets hot and the dryer lint burns longer. I will be making some combining both materials and post the results here in the comments

The combo mentioned above works very very well

baecker03 (author)2014-04-23

I wonder if soaking something like pieces of pine tinder in the wax would expedite the process

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