Picture of snow/waterproof firestarter

This is a fairly simple project requiring only a few supplies and anyone can do it. This fire starter is waterproof snow proof and a it can light wet tender and small pieces of wood. It is also lightweight and fairly compact.

Step 1:

Picture of

List of supplies 1 container of used candle wax 1 partial piece of an egg carton the paper kind and 1 double boiler

Fred.Royal6 months ago

Fill cups with mixture of dryer lint and paper from cross cut paper shredder. Uses less wax and burns longer.

daviddunn2569 (author) 1 year ago
I have used those and dryer lint the pine gets hot and the dryer lint burns longer. I will be making some combining both materials and post the results here in the comments
daviddunn2569 (author)  daviddunn25691 year ago

The combo mentioned above works very very well

baecker031 year ago
I wonder if soaking something like pieces of pine tinder in the wax would expedite the process