Picture of soda can stove
to make this stove you will need

1. an empty soda can
2. your favorite knife
3. sticks,twigs, and some paper
4. charcoal lighter fluid
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Step 1: Cut the top out

Picture of cut the top out
cut the top out

Step 2: Cut holes for air

Picture of cut holes for air
1.make four holes around the can about 1 inch from the bottom
2.enlarge one hole

Step 3:

Picture of
1.punch 8 holes around the top lip of the can
2.than punch 8 more below the holes you just made

Step 4: You finished the stove

Picture of you finished the stove

Step 5: Reminder

Picture of reminder
close or cover your knives when your done this can save you from some accidents

Step 6: Build your fire

Picture of build your fire
1.collect your wood

2.pack the can with wood not too much because the fire wont light

3.spray some lighter fluid on the wood make sure you get the bottom wet

4. light the fire through the enlarged hole
If you cut turrets into the top it will let in enough air if you want to put a pot on top
wow nice knife, is it a Ka-bar? my friend has a USMC issue Ka-bar and its a beauty
Bodygard1117 (author)  fallenspirit1236 years ago
its a Bayonet for an AR-15 rifle.
i dont think thats an AR-15 bayonet. it has a barrel ring but the butt cap is different from the an ar15 knife. it doesnt look like an m6, an m7, an m9, ar a usmc OKC-3s bayonet.
 i collect knives. thats a leather handle so i would guess it was from the vietnam war. america doesnt issue leather handled knives because they are not waterproof.
Bodygard1117 (author)  ManchesterUtd.5 years ago
that's a wood handle its just the lighting and it cliped onto my AR-15 but it shakes quite a bit
i thought so
chin_wu5 years ago
that knife is a Beast!!!!!!!! i was going to buy one but it had a commemorative on it
cool knife. i bought 3 swiss army knives yesterday for $4 each on fleabay, they are airport security confiscation auctions. i also got a signature, so i'll be showing off my favorite knife sometime ;)
use a manual can opener it makes the cut so much better
Bodygard1117 (author)  solarpolar325 years ago
But much less fun
evanwehrer6 years ago
Nice knife
''i like it too

Bodygard1117 (author)  evanwehrer6 years ago
thank you
PastTheVoid6 years ago
I'm just a 13-year-old pyro-maniac, I won't need one of those!
bylerfamily6 years ago
WOWThis thing is cool!I built it.It works wonderfully.The best thing is that I used only napkins and wood.
Ekzile6 years ago
next time don't put a little quata inside another one
bubba j6 years ago
dude this things also called a 'hobo stove' lol
pyro136 years ago
Lets see some fire!
lemonie6 years ago
Where is the fire? I get the build but I want to see it in action Fire! fire! fire! L
Kiteman6 years ago
If you use proper kindling (dry leaves, wood shavings you make with your dirty great knife), then you should be able to do without the lighter fuel. That means that you then have the ability to make and light a stove anywhere there is litter.