Step 2: clip tabs

use the nail clipper to slice edges of soda tabs, thin bend them out of shape
i have over 400 soda tabs (took me forever to count) now i can actually use them !!!
nice, alternate the cuts (Ieft, right) to add strength.
took me 3 weeks to get all the soda tabs
or do what i did: go to a party and find all of the loose cans on tables and in recycling cans
Cool. Good way to recycle too!
Okay instructable, it would be better if you used flash on your camera though. Other than that, it's great!
That is pretty cool it would be better if you used different colored pop tabs in patterns along the chain
Monster energy drinks have round ones the same size as the ones from soda cans, guiness bee have gold ones.
yeah, but you'd only have it at the end because monster energy drink tabs only have one hole XD
i didnt have any, but you can use any soda tabs
Hey Man Thats cool. I made one similar but instead i cut it at the bottom instead at the top.I made an instructable. But anyways thats cool.
im gonna try and collect them, although i will probably end up trying to recycle them for money. hahahaha, im so broke....*sobs*
I'm give this a try but i think I'm going to file the sharp edges of the back and use a this to put i together
you could use it as a necklase
You can make a belt with this!
I could probably make three necklaces with all of the cans I have lying around right now. Give me a week and I'll have another 4 necklaces. Great instructable.
heh heh, check MY pic. its about 500 tabs right there, it weighs a whole pound not including my pimp clock!
hey this is great but the pics arent that great could someone tell me or email me at dasquirrel37@hotmail.com to say where i cut the tabs and is it ok if i only have those squarish tabs thanks
this is so cool. i used to have like 20 but i lost them. cool instructable, but the pics suck<('-'<)
DON'T ADD THE KEY RINGS. Just make it continueous like you're making another link, but just connecting the two ends. You'll save 2 keyrings, and not have to worry about keeping the rings on the back of you're neck.
My friend taught me how to do this about 5 or 6 years ago in elementary school, but being in a strict school district we couldn't wear chains but we still brought them to after-school daycare anyhow. My dad used to have a weird plastic popcorn container that emulated a Canadian beer bottle that we collected pop tabs in and I had a chain that stretched from one corner of my room to the other. But I gave that away for something to my aunt in-law and am remaking a new one but isn't near as long yet. It has approx. 630 tabs and 3 wide. NOTE: one or two tabs wide don't work they will break far too easily and three aren't terribly great but won't break so easily, try to avoid carpets it's like Velcro with a vengeance.
that is awsome man.i will try that but i have to start drinking more pepsi cans.
A mate of mine built one of these in high school. At the time there was a promo to collect blue tabs, so he was able to get a silver/blue pattern happening on his chain. Cool instructable, shite-house photos.
This looks pretty awesome!<br/><br/>Tips:<br/>1) Get your pull tabs here: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://search.ebay.com/soda-can-tab">http://search.ebay.com/soda-can-tab</a><br/>2) To make the chain a little stronger, alternate the sides of the pull tabs that you clip; L-R-L-R. It will make it harder for chain to pull apart.<br/>
it could be a sweet necklace or bracelet
Some decent pics would be nice.
i can't believe i never thought of it. Great job!
Nice! That is pretty ""bad-ass"" but !damn! when i was in elementary school (a wile ago) we had a tab drive thingie-mabober-majiger-makallit and i brought in a 10 years of collected tabs "from fmly 2" so if i wouldnt of don that i could make somthing so friggen pimpin! :-(
I think I'm going to try and collect them now.
This is so unique. I think that it is pretty cool too. Good work.

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