Picture of solar bicycle light
This is the lightest cheapest bicycle light I'm aware of. Furthermore, it does not take away pedalling energy and it´s quite aerodynamic.

I know that it is not very impressive, but I think it is really useful.

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Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
A pocket solar torch, avaliable in ebay for 2 €
A piece of inner tube or rubberband

Step 2:

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Fix the torch in the bike, for instance with a M3 screw.

Step 3:

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Make a knot on the piece of inner tube. This is needed because the torch only lights when the switch is pressed.

Step 4:

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When you put the inner tube piece with the knot on the switch, the lights are on.

Step 5:

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When you shift the position of the inner tube piece the lights are off and the battery is charged by the solar cell.