Introduction: Red Neck Solar Camping Cooker

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here is way to to cook with the sun on campouts, it's green, and it only cost about 5$

Step 1: Stuff You Need

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stuff list
a container 2-3$
aluminum 1$
duck tape 1$
close pins 1$

Step 2: Tape

tape the aluminum foil to the contaner

Step 3: Finshed

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this is what it looks like at the end


wilgubeast (author)2011-09-01

This looks pretty useful. What kind of stuff has it successfully heated? Can it do hot dogs?

solarbipolar (author)wilgubeast2013-05-31

It would probably take a couple of days of blazing sun to cook a hot dog.

water, hot dogs, marshmallows,

yes it can do hot dog

Jaycub (author)2011-09-02

Can you boil water with this? This could be very usefull, nice project.

the doctor who (author)Jaycub2011-09-03

in a small mettle cup

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