Solar Light Conversion





Introduction: Solar Light Conversion

take a cheap solar light and make a useful battery charger



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    Your solar cell looks like it can only produce 2-volts. Connecting it to a 9v battery will only drain it.

    how did you arrive at looks like only 2 volts ?????????????

    Most garden variety LED lights running off AA or AAA rechargeables use 2 volt solar cells.

    ok the i will only use AA or AAA

    Without a load, those cells will produce at least 7v. I have several of these i have taken apart and they all read between 5 - 9v on my multimeter.

    cool! Is there anything keeping it from over-charging? Or do you just go rab the batteries when you think they're done?

    LOL, overcharging. A small cell like that will never have the capacity to overcharge. It is when you get to the larger Wattage output that you have to start considering these things.

    there porobalby isn't a circuit that does that, but the resistance of the batteries changes when they are charged, so that they almost stop the charging

    good Instructable,watch the spelling,and grammar... doesn't it take a long time to charge multiple batteries?

    yes it takes awhile but if you need it its there just something to do really