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Introduction: Solar Powered Advertising Light Box/business

Hello all. this is my first instructable, sorry there are no pictures because I just had the idea but i will add rough drawings
  what you will need
 12  1 or 2 inch l brackets
 2  1 by 6-  6 feet long
2 1 by 6  - 2 feet long
 a few basic tools needed
saw router
1/2 inch screws
 2 sheets of plywood cut 2 by 6
5 or 6 solar powered yard lights
1. build a basic box using wood and l brackets
 and attach the plywood creating an enclosed box

2 on the front facing piece of plywood draw and cut your business name or design and address

3.using router route out holes approximately at 1 foot intervals, make sure holes are the same size as the diameter of your solar yard lights

4.after you have built the box attached the plywood slide the solar powered lights into the top so that the solar panels are facing up and charging from the sun, use Gorilla flue to secure the lights.

5 Voila the lights charge during the day  and light your sign up at night allowing you to advertize without spending a dime on electricity

 6. please adjust any measurements or number of lights to make it effective for you



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