Solar Powered Zero Emission Vehicle for a Physically Challenged People


Introduction: Solar Powered Zero Emission Vehicle for a Physically Challenged People

Global warming is the main factor which shows a question mark on the lives of human beings, animals etc. To overcome this effect it is required to introduce the “ECO-FRIENDLY VEHICLE”. This is particularly for DIFFERENTLY ABLED PEOPLE. Since it is Solar-charged vehicles, it has the potential to substantially reduce air pollution .The battery can be recharged in two ways using (i)photo voltaic panel (ii) external EB supply
This is solar chargeable battery operated vehicle for differently abled people. It is a vehicle with a hub motor on rear wheel. It reduces the physical strain of differently abled people and various operations such as speed variations, power supply to motor controlled by using BLDC motor Controller. This vehicle can be operated at varying speed by using twist grip throttle. This vehicle carries a maximum load of 120kg, accelerates briskly to about 29 kmph(max)



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    Typing "differently abled people" in all caps doesn't make it more politically correct. In fact, if I were crippled I'd be offended by this, it's almost a mockery of them. That said, the vehicle looks nice, but this thought has come before even reading the rest of the 'ible.