I was at a music store when I saw a soldering iron stand like this. at the time, I didn't have a soldering iron, so I didn't care. but it came back to me today when I was soldering and couldn't find a place to put my soldering iron. so I made this.

Step 1: Get Stuffs

you will need:

coat hanger
bolt that's a similar width to your iron.
 hey good idea...............................i have also made a soldering stand u can check my instructable ..........HOW TO BUILD A SOLDERING STAND AT HOME
why does a music store have soldering irons? and why didn't you have a soldering iron? thats just silly.
I explained that above (sorry, I somehow answered his comment first). and I didn't have a soldering iron because I was like 12. and I never really needed one.
well a music store would have soldering irons because, how else are you going to re wire your instrument?? anywho i did the same thing but i used a nail and a spring from a truck door
cool. and they weren't selling the soldering iron, they used it for repairs. I should have mentioned that.

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