Picture of soldering iron stand
I was at a music store when I saw a soldering iron stand like this. at the time, I didn't have a soldering iron, so I didn't care. but it came back to me today when I was soldering and couldn't find a place to put my soldering iron. so I made this.
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Step 1: Get stuffs

Picture of get stuffs
you will need:

coat hanger
bolt that's a similar width to your iron.

Step 2: Wrap hanger

Picture of wrap hanger
you will need to take your pliers and bend the end of your hanger into a hook. then, you will need to put the hook onto your bolt. then, hold the hook in place with pliers and wrap the hanger around your bolt. you may need to compress the coil, so do that by squeezing the coils with the pliers.

Step 3: Take coil off and make adjustments

Picture of take coil off and make adjustments
now, slide the coil off the bolt. check to see if your iron fits. if it does, great. if it doesn't like mine, then you might need to make it bigger. what I did to make it bigger was I grabbed one end with pliers and twisted the other end the opposite direction of the coil. also, you might need to bend it if it bent while it came off the bolt. you can just do that with your hands.

Step 4: Prepare wood

Picture of prepare wood
Picture 019.jpg
now, take a piece of wood about 8 in by 8 in. drill a hole in the center.

then, make a groove going outward from the hole. I used a utility knife, but my wood was very soft, so you'll probably need something else like a chisel.

Step 5: Insert and nail

Picture of insert and nail
now, you need to insert the remaining coat hanger into the hole you drilled. after that, you need to put the metal protruding from the other side into the groove.
after you do that, take another piece of wood the same size and nail it to the bottom of the piece of wood to lock the coil in place.

all that's left is to put your iron in and you're done.
 hey good idea...............................i have also made a soldering stand u can check my instructable ..........HOW TO BUILD A SOLDERING STAND AT HOME
smak50006 years ago
why does a music store have soldering irons? and why didn't you have a soldering iron? thats just silly.
codongolev (author)  smak50006 years ago
I explained that above (sorry, I somehow answered his comment first). and I didn't have a soldering iron because I was like 12. and I never really needed one.
zamok6 years ago
well a music store would have soldering irons because, how else are you going to re wire your instrument?? anywho i did the same thing but i used a nail and a spring from a truck door
codongolev (author)  zamok6 years ago
cool. and they weren't selling the soldering iron, they used it for repairs. I should have mentioned that.