Step 2: Wrap Hanger

you will need to take your pliers and bend the end of your hanger into a hook. then, you will need to put the hook onto your bolt. then, hold the hook in place with pliers and wrap the hanger around your bolt. you may need to compress the coil, so do that by squeezing the coils with the pliers.
 hey good idea...............................i have also made a soldering stand u can check my instructable ..........HOW TO BUILD A SOLDERING STAND AT HOME
why does a music store have soldering irons? and why didn't you have a soldering iron? thats just silly.
I explained that above (sorry, I somehow answered his comment first). and I didn't have a soldering iron because I was like 12. and I never really needed one.
well a music store would have soldering irons because, how else are you going to re wire your instrument?? anywho i did the same thing but i used a nail and a spring from a truck door
cool. and they weren't selling the soldering iron, they used it for repairs. I should have mentioned that.

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