Picture of solve the 4 by 4 rubiks cube ,Easy!
Lear how to solve the 4 by 4 rubiks cube as easy as tying a shoe. just not as fast lol

you should already know how to solve the Rubik's 3 by 3 before learning to solve the 4 by 4 but if you don't that's ok it will just take a lot longer to grasp.
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Step 1: Terminoligy

Picture of terminoligy
this step will show you how i will refer to the cube and how to do the specific moves you must do to complete it.

Step 2: Centers

Picture of centers
Centers are very important ,yet so simple to quad up.

There is basic just this one move to finish this step you can do the same move backwards if the pieces are in a different order. Like this r' u' r that's if they're switched. and if you have a piece on the back of the cube and you are trying to get it to the front just do this. l B' l

so just do that a bunch of times until you have every side together.

Step 3: Are your centers in the right places?

Picture of Are your centers in the right places?
this is the order the colors should be in just so long as you have a normal Rubik's cube.

Get BLUE on the top. then look down on one of the sides you should see Yellow then looking to the left of you yellow should see RED more to the left is WHITE more to the left is ORANGE than on the bottom should be GREEN. I like to remember the order by saying blue mustard blood milk oranges lettuce.

If they are not in that order you will have to do this move to get them in the right place.

picture will show you how to switch them. odds are it wont only be one that needs to be switched some times you might need to move al of them but if you pay attention while you make the position of the centers that will help.

ok so you have some off brand cube and that's not the right order. well look at the corners they will show you the way.

Step 4: Edge pairing

Picture of Edge pairing
edge 2.jpg
all most done!

pretty simple the only thing you have to look out for is if the top layer is paired up.

you will have to find the pieces you need. and put them in the right places this is how it has to be arranged.

So what happens if I don have 3 left to pair up? you might ask.
go to the last step called special moves you have a common error that happens only on the 4 by 4 making it a lot harder to solve with out a guide.

Step 5: Solve it!

Picture of solve it!
ok now that you have all the edges paired and the centers quaded up.

It's now time to solve it! Since you wont be turning the mid slices for the solving you can just pretend that it's a 3 by 3 isn't that neat. so since I'm lazy and don't want to re make an instructabbleyou can use the 3 by 3's instructible!

If you already know exactly how to solve the 3 by 3with out any instructions that great just do it on your own!

The stop motion animation seen below is the stapes that will follow in order to solve the 3 by 3 looks simple doesn't it.

solve it!?!?!

Step 6: Special moves :( not fun

Picture of special moves :( not fun
special move 3.jpg
special move 2.jpg
special moves are not fun these are examples of special moves..... in the pictures.
Each one takes a lot of turns to complete.

picture 1 is the one you need to do from edge pairing this one is the most frequent.
how to fix it hold it just like in the picture.
R U' l' U l' U l' U l' U l' U R' U l U' R U l U' R' U l U' l

picture 2 you will figure you need to do it during the top cross.
how to fix it hold just like in the picture
L d R d R d' L u' B u B u' B R B r' B' R B r B

picture 3 this one you will figure out you have it right at the end end of the solve.
to fix it hold just like in the picture


Yay my instructable is done! I'm so happy! I hope that you all like my Instructable and find it easy to follow point things out that i need to specify more.

Step 7: How to make your friends freak.

If your friends have never touched a rubiks cube this is the best way to freak them out.

Give them the 4 by 4 and tell them you just got it. ask them how far along they can get it and then when they fail Epicly take it from them try yourself and beat them. betting would be col too.

I know there are some people in this world that haven't seen tutorials on youtube so some people don't know how.
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DoriNori71 month ago

so wait, does a lowercase letter mean I turn just the inner side of the cube, or that I turn both the inner and outer sides at once?

OriessusT2 months ago

What does the T mean. I am just learning how to solve the 4x4 rubik's cube

OriessusT2 months ago

it doesn't solve for edge parities. Pleas edit to help with that would help me a lot. Cool page though.

the_burrito_master: There is an easier algorithm than the first one you have in step 6. It's going to be on my 5x5 tutorial, but you need to put the two cubies you are going to switch on the same layer. Then, in your notation, it's: (Ll)' T2 (Ll)' T2 F2 (Ll)' F2 (Rr) T2 (Rr)' T2 (Ll)2 Official notation: (Ll)' U2 (Ll)' U2 F2 (Ll)' F2 (Rr) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Ll)2

ok. Scratch what i just said. It doesnt work and messed up the edges in the back of the top layer.

didn't work for me... :/ But at least it didnt mess up the entire cube!

What does the forward slash mean on picture 1?

mutley16 months ago

What is meant when a letter in in italics? (ie slanted)

Iz D.2 years ago
i have a question regarding notation. in your picture it shows B and b standing for the lower half slices, but usually B and b stand for the back slices. i am just wondering if you meant D and d for down...
AnnaY1 Iz D.7 months ago

In a 3x3 cube, that is the case. But in a 4x4, an uppercase letter, like B, would mean the layer farthest to the back. A lowercase letter like b, would mean the second layer farthest to the back. I hope this helps.

chipperilla3 years ago
all of the steps i tried to follow and i am failing miserably. i can get the centers and the 8 complete centers. but i dont know what to do to solve the other middle edges without messing it up. what do i need to do?
dkp06295 years ago
BTW, on the second pic, which color is the front face?
the_burrito_master (author)  dkp06295 years ago
It's yellow.... and it can be any color. I just chose that to be the front but you have to have the parts that need to be fixed in the exact spots they are in the pics.
dkp06295 years ago
Your steps for the second picture doesnt work, are you sure it is correct?
My record for the original rubik cube is 1 minute 40 seconds. I brought it to school and I amaze everyone I see except for the kid in my first period class who can solve it too.
I have a record of 50, but my friend has one of 20. I can't believe it, but I saw him do it. He said his oll and pll were fail. : o
my record was 40 sec. my record now in the last week is 55 sec.
correction, 1 min, 10 sec. that's really frustrating for me...
W00T 1 minute 30 seconds for me!!! I am by no means a speedcuber, but I do ok for myself!!!
Good job! Just keep working at it, and maybe look up more algorithms online and you'll see your speeds shoot up! Or should I say down? Lol. ;D
Bet I could beat you... Me and you- cubeoff Between Spanish and Biology. after Christmas break. :P :D
Wait tanman- did you fix yours? I thought it was broken.
Cubie2 Cubie25 years ago
Oh never mind this was back in June and August. :P I want a mirror cube like you! that thing is wicked awesome!
Mine is 48 seconds. Since I'm from an area where everyone is easily amused, I 'm already famous at my school for being able to solve it. The other day I was solving it and four teachers were just staring the whole time.
jez_145 years ago
all i can say is... SO AMAZING!!!!
traxxasman6 years ago
ait culd also be red white blue in clockwise order on a reg rubik's cube
J-Five6 years ago
Looks like fun. I was able to solve the original one in like 7 minutes.
the_burrito_master (author)  J-Five6 years ago
yeah it is. i can solve the 3 by 3 on average 2 minutes some times like 1 minute and 10 seconds.
Oh yea, I use a different technique than you do, so I might make that an instructable. You use the reduction method, and I don't know what my method is called.
How much differently can you solve it? i just solve it like a 3 by 3.
I start by getting a white center, then the yellow center. I then solve the white and yellow sides. After this, I solve the outer edges/wedges. After this, I have to just re align the center pieces. I then have it done, and it takes less time than doing the special moves. I only need to use the same algorithm to align all the centers. It's just how the alignment is, and I will make instructions this weekend.
cool sounds very foreign to me.
It was foreign to me when I got my cube, and it is somewhat effective. You can solve a frame then fill centers, or get opposite centers, and then fill in the remaining centers after everything is aligned on the edge. It's kind of wierd
yeah that avoids the special moves right? I heard of that I tried i once but failed. (with out knowing what to do)
The Jamalam6 years ago
Nice just 1 question. WHERE DO YOU GET THESE!
the_burrito_master (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
Ebay, Amazon ,Kmart Wall mart almost most anywhere. I also have a 5 by 5 and I solved it 4 times now.
5x5 is slightly easier than 4x4. I got my 4x4 last year, and two 5x5s this year. It takes about 10 minutes to solve the 5x5 (I just got one for christmas). I'm going to make a guide, using my Rubiks 5x5, and then use my Eastsheen for speed.
Oh man I was going to do the 5 by 5 instructable. :( yeah me too I love how I can solve it almost faster than the 4 by 4. I have a little trouble with the centers sometimes. pssst... I don't know the special moves for the 4by 4 I just pop out the peaces wen I get them and don't want to look them up.
Although my 4x4 solution is different, I'm guessing your method in 5x5 is the same as the 4x4? I got mine at christmas, and I'm already down to 7 minutes. Thats using beginner method for the 3x3 style solve. By the way, learning the moves is more impressive than popping out centers. Eastsheen is good for speed, but rubiks is good for quality and low light. What program is that rendered in? My instructable only used 1 virtual cube photo, and it has a photo of me solving it. It'll be up by the end of the day, I think.
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