i was bored out of my skull and i was  browsing the www to find some idea's for a survival kits and i noticed something some things were missing that i whould put into my own survival kit that is atm work inprogress
but maybe these tips will work for you 2 if you are planning on making ur own survival kit ^^

also plz dont go correcting my grammar and spelling because i am really bad at it also i dont use points and things like that because i personally dont see any reason to ever use them 

Step 1: Idea Number 1

i missed some fluids in the kits out there like benzin or zippo benzin or/and alchohol
wy the alchohol 
1. it can be used for cleaning knives or wounds
2. if its 80% you can drink it 
2. excelent for fire starting

wy the zippo benzin
1. better then alchohol for firemaking
Mp3 es basico yo e volveria loco sin musica me deprimiria y moriria en horas
Some good ideas. Ignore the criticism. I get the lockpicks - you live in a populated place where you are likely to encounter locked buildings. Here in the US not so much. Most survival kits leave out a lighter in favor of more primitive means but a disposable lighter is probably THE best firestarter to have in any kit. They're just not 'cool!'
thx for the comment ^^ thou i need to be honest i dropped the whole survival thing in favor of bushcraft witch teaches you skillz that not only let you survive but life in nature as well and also you could end up with a big skill list and also thx for being somebody that understands the lockpicks concept ^^
If you're in a survival situation, do NOT drink alcohol. 1. You won't be able to think clearly afterwards, at a time when you need to be thinking rationally. 2. Alcohol upregulates aquaporin in your kidneys, which will cause you to pee and lose valuable water from your body. Benzene is carcinogenic. I'm not sure right off hand what amount is dangerous, but I believe the EtOH would be better for cleaning wounds than benzene if absolutely necessary.
uhm if you read it completely you would have seen that the benzine is for fire starting mostly and not cleaning wounds the alcohol is mutch better for that
SORRY DUDE IM NOT TRYING TO INSULT YOU OR BE UGLY, BUT AN MP3 AND LOCKPICKS? those are the most useless things i could ever think of putting in a survival kit .Hope you enjoy the music and picking your nose while your busy starving to death .sorry just couldnt resist.
maybe a late replay but i live in a country that is frigen small look it up on the map look for holland or any other way of saying it and as you will see it is small and most city's and other places are normally in walking distance also the mp3 player is because i have a tendency to go crazy without music thx to a combo of autism adhd pddnos and mcdd and i prefer to keep my self from going mental so for where i live the lockpicks have a use besides picking my nose with is also not a smart thing to do since it hurts as hell
yip cool <br> <br>just not something ill ever need...........i have however been looking at survival sticks made out of bamboo....the chambers inside are usefull for storing a multitude of bits and pieces ie hacksaw blades,bits of wire, bicycle spokes,small file etc....all of which could be fashioned into a multitude of useful tools......i prefer items that could have multiplre functions....mp3 is out for me as i can whistle rather well.........enjoy <br>
a drink or two might be just the thing to keep one from panic and to allow &quot;outside of the box&quot; thinking.
cotton balls are better. The swab/q-tip is unwieldy and uncrushable in a kit. For the space/weight they take up in a kit, more cotton balls can be added. If you want to use them to clean an orifice in your body as you mentioned above, just wrap a cotton ball on a convenient stick. When done, discard cotton ball and stick.
The reason most kits don't include a zippo or &quot;wind proof&quot; lighter - or a lighter at all for that matter - is because the fuel will evaporate quite quickly, or it can contaminate other materials inside the kit. A cheaper, plastic lighter would also be discarded because they are easy to break and may again get their fuel on other materials. Waterproof matches are safer and they don't become a couple of ounces of useless weight when they run out of fuel.
isn't it illeagal to cary lockpicks on your person?
that totally depends on were you live i know that in my country its 100% legal to own and carry them like in most eu country's but before using and or carrying always check your local laws ^^
<br> Why not just build a better &quot;survival kit&quot; and show us how?<br> <br> L<br>
i dont have all the stuff i want collected yet but i thougth wy not share some idea's
<br> Good ideas but if you're not making one, it's better to use a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/edit/new?type=forumTopic" rel="nofollow">Forum Topic</a> - you tend to get more discussion.<br> <br> L<br>

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