Picture of some nerf Buzz saw games
here are some games i thought up yester well i was shooting my sister with my new nerf buzz saw no i wasn't being mean she had my new strike fires

Step 1: Buzzsaw Basket ball

Picture of Buzzsaw Basket ball
you need your Buzzsaw gun, three ballistic balls, a bucket

place your bucket open side up ojn the floor or on a shelf rev up your buzzsaw and shoot trying to get your ball in the bucket each time you get it in from 3 meters or closer you get two points any further than three meters and you get 3 points 
KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
nice but their all ready games exept instead of phsyical excirtion with a fire arm
seabananers (author)  KNEXFRANTIC4 years ago
thats what what makes them fun for red necks and nerds
truje that