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Introduction: Some Silly Fun With LED's

More Electronic Wearables projects with LED's!

Step 1: Some Silly Fun With LED's

Head to the Dollar store and grab a bunch of junk(not hard) such as book lights(they come WITH batteries AND an on/off switch!), headbands, slippers.... Then go next door(there is usually a craft store of some kind next to these places) and get some fabric-with-character, felt, tacky glue, needle and some glass beads.

The other stuff you'll need to get online: conductive thread, LED's, and I guess that if you don't have any low-ohm resistors lying around....

Oh, you'll need pliers and a small phillips head screwdriver, a soldering iron and solder, some eye protection if you're smart, I guess that's about it.

Most of the steps for the third, extra silly project are in the video, the first two projects are mainly just the images.



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    nice slippers - I recently took the blinking LED circuit out of my granddaughters shoes. (she had out grown them and was not wearing them at the time) It's an interesting little circuit that turns on from a bump or tap. Just another suggestion for parts for you.