i really love tote bags, but most of the ones that are around have some ugly advertizing prints on them or are of poor qualtity. so make them yourself!

making them yourself is really easy, even for the unexperienced seamstress and seamster.

and while you're at it, why not add some fancy decoration on the way like this faboulus rainbow design.

it's great for every day grocery shopping - much better than a disposable plastic bag, the next party, the library... or go and make two and give one away - this bag makes an awsome gift.

Step 1: what you need

- 0,7 m of dark fabric (black, blue, ...) at least 90 cm wide. the fabric has to be non-stretch! cotton is the best choice.
- satin ribbon in rainbow colors, 1 cm wide (green, blue, red, orange, violet(i used pink since i had no violet), yellow, light blue) - you will only need about 20 cm of each color
- rest of white fabric that doesn't fray (leather, faux leather, plastic fabric,....)
- white thread and dark thread matching your dark fabric

- sewing machine
- scissors, tape measure, ruler
- pen and paper
<p>Rad! i love rainbows</p>
So cool! I love it.
Oooooh! This is sooo cute! I love rainbows! I just love how you used the ribbons in the design :)

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