Introduction: Sony Action Cam Diy Lens Protector for As30/as20/as15

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Since sony does not make a cover lens for as15/as20/as30, I decided to make my own. I use mine naked, without the case, when shooting for band practices and gigs. So I need some protection in case it gets knocked off, or drops.

For this you'll need:

1. Gopro cover lens replacement kit from ebay
2. A bottle cap that would fit the lens.
3. some tape for the grip, mine's duct tape
4. saw for cutting
5. glue/epoxy

**NOTE: The lens I bought was ok, thick and seems tough, but reduced a few degrees off the angle of view. See sample pics in the end
** I would have preffered a black bottle cap, but I only had the blue cap that fits perfectly.

Step 1: Cut the Bottle Cap

Picture of Cut the Bottle Cap

Cut the bottle cap. We only need a small piece, cut it about 6mm in width. Smooth the edges to look good, mine isn't.

Check if it fits or if you need to cut more.

Step 2: Glue the Lens

Picture of Glue the Lens

Before you glue, check for vignettes. You may want to sand the edges down to move the lens further back to prevent vignette.

I used wood glue, but you could use stronger adhesives if you like. I tried to use the rubber that came in with the lens. But the internal diameter was thick, and I can't push it further back. Because of that it vignettes. So I didn't use it.

Step 3: Add Tape to the Inside. This Serves As the Grip

Picture of Add Tape to the Inside. This Serves As the Grip

Step 4: Some Finishing Touches.

Picture of Some Finishing Touches.

Sand down any excess adhesive. I just had to peel, since it's only glue. I did color mine to black because the cap was blue.

Aftet that, finish! See the 3 pics for comparison of with and without the cover lens


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