Picture of spicy red onion (Cebollas rojas picantes)
The spicy red onions is a family recipe that my mom prepared since I have reason.

They are ideal for meats, salads, chicken, add it to ground beef, beans, soups.

It is really easy to prepare and those who enjoy spicy food and onions are an excellent combination..


Las cebollas rojas picantes es una receta familiar que mi mama prepara desde que tengo razón.

Son ideales para acompañar carnes, ensaladas, pollo, adicionarla a carne molida, frijoles, sopas.

Son realmente faciles de hacer y aquel que disfrute de cebollas y picante, son una excelente combinación.
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Step 1: What we need? - ¿Que necesitamos?

Picture of What we need? - ¿Que necesitamos?
To prepare the spice Red Onions we need:

- 1 big Jar, Like the pickles Jar as seen in the picture.
- Small Red Onions. In my city the sell them like in the picture, all small. Like 2 lbs. 
- 500 ml fruit vinegar
- Hot Pepper. I do not recommend to buy the hot pepper crush or cut (As in the picture). It is better to buy the whole hot pepper. With two or three will be more than enough. It depends on how spicy you like it.

Before to start it is important to carefully wash the glass jar and lid.

Bueno, Manos a la Obra!!..

Para preparar las Cebollas Picantes necesitamos:
- 1 Frasco Grande de boca Ancha. En este caso reutilicé un frasco de pepinillos. 
- Cebollas Rojas Pequeñas (Muchas). Creo que la bolsa de cebollas de la foto tiene como 2 libras.
- 500 ml de Vinagre de frutas.
- 2 o 3 Aji Picante. No recomiendo el de la foto sino Aji entero. En esta ocación tuve que comprar aji picado porque no habia entero. 

Antes de iniciar es importante que laven muy bien el frasco de vidrio y la tapa.
General Zod2 years ago
Awesome......thanks! Is it possible to cut the onions smaller for something that is more like relish?
El Colombiano (author)  General Zod2 years ago
Hi, Thanks for comment my first instructable. I think it is acording to you. If you cut them smaller and place them in a big jar like te picture they will become more spicy and could be more tricky to handle them... I prefere to take out one onion and cut it smaller and mix them with the food.

But here in colombia there are several spicy sauce that mix the same ingredient with the onions cuts.. So of course.. Do it..