Picture of spicy tuna unroll
good as lunch, breakfast, snack, or whatnot by those of undiscriminating taste!

1 can of tuna
hot sauce to taste

Open can of tuna. Apply hot sauce. Enjoy!

Josephest2 years ago
wicked, gave me a great idea for dinner, so simple but i just couldnt put 2+2 together!
LasVegas8 years ago
The classic bachelors lunch… Another great one is a can of beans with BBQ or Steak sauce
woah ma, you put sauce on it? I used to just eat them cold out of the can.
Yah me to i still do. lol
I'm with you. I'm more of a traditionalist. Tuna out the can without toppings. Although, perhaps some soy sauce and wasabi added may make an interesting meal...
I put in a sandwhich. Though bread may not always be available...
j574sbi6 years ago
lose spoon use crackers. and use the tuna can afterwards. http://www.instructables.com/id/Absolut-Vodka-Lamp-from-Tuna-Can/
GEEK16 years ago
You should have seaweed and some rice and make it into spicy tuna roll!!!!
zachninme8 years ago
Please tell me you drained that...?
Yeah... but if you drain it, how are you gonna get your teeth to smell like tuna for a week :D .....
rachel (author)  BeanGolem6 years ago
Oh, I use special toothpaste for that.
For some reason that made me think of those dish bruses with the little soap reservoir where you squeeze it and soap comes through the bristles except in my head it was tuna paste not soap and it was for your teeth not dishes. yum.
hmmm. now how much will these ingridients cost? are they easily available? im only 15, think i can manage it? hahahaha
Doom_Goat8 years ago
this seems like a crappy instructable, until you try it.... righteous
westfw8 years ago
We had a party a year or two ago where we did a "tunafish" tasting. I bought about 8 different kinds of tuna ranging from store-brand "chunk light" to $7 gormet store smoked tuna to fresh ahi grilled for the purpose. Made them all into tuna salad using approximately similar recipes, and served them with crackers for people to compare. It was a surprisingly boring tasting, as such things go (you want "interesting": try different varieties of apples!) Aside from the noticably different smoked flavor (which was yummy but not something most people thought they'd want a whole sandwich worth of), they were pretty close together in taste. (texture and appearance were more different.) (My crowd doesn't drink much, so we've found things other than wine to taste. Aside from Apples and Tuna, we've done bread, rice, noodles, and chocolate.)
Crash21088 years ago
Hmmm, cat food.
rachel (author)  Crash21088 years ago
SPICY cat food!