Step 11: Practice practice

Picture of practice practice
I have been spinning for almost four years now, and I'm still refining my technique. Don't expect your handspun to be perfect right away, or ever - that is part of the charm of handspun yarn. Experiment with spinning different fibers and thicknesses, and try out different styles of drafting.

Most importantly, make things with your handspun! In the words of my spinning teacher, Maggie Casey, a spinner who doesn't use their yarn is like a baker who doesn't taste their bread. Knitting, crocheting, or weaving with your handspun will give you valuable feedback, and help you make informed choices during the spinning process.

Spin spin spin!

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Nice poodle. : ]] And even better explaination of a pretty cool old school hobbie. Thanks for sharing.
That was so cool! I think it's time to expand my yarn crafting skills. :) Thanks for the great tutorial.
Great instructable! I really want to spin and cannot afford a wheel...or a class... Thanks So Much!!! and yes, great photos
krimille5 years ago
Thanks, that was very well explained!  If I get good I'll have to try spinning some of this collie undercoat we have all over the place.  I have to ask - where did you take the pictures?  That spot with the twisty branches was really interesting looking.
Mirime krimille5 years ago
Carefull with the collie fuzz it will be too warm by itself  mix it with some wool  or  alpaca.
talltale5 years ago
Gorgeous tutorial, and lovely yarn! Just what I need, another yarn related hobby!

I am particularly impressed with the photos.  They really made the process clear for me.  Thanks!