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This piece of origami is simple and easy to put together and fun. This piece of origami was made by tomoko fuse and cannot be called your own. for other art work visit my DeviantArt Page at:


hunter.termath (author)2017-02-27

can you teach on the website

mateye (author)2013-04-24

Hi! I love your spiral origami! Can i have the instructions please? It's so cool :)
Thank you!

zanne101 (author)2011-10-02

This looks very interesting. Please include the instructions.


ZepMan190 (author)zanne1012012-07-05

use the web 2 help u

jkmet (author)2011-10-02

That looks intriguing! I would love the instructions.

ZepMan190 (author)jkmet2012-07-05

here is a website u can use

lhogarth (author)2011-10-02

Can i please have the instructions, :)
It looks very amazing, and i would love to do it myself .

Thankyou :)

ZepMan190 (author)lhogarth2012-07-05

just look at what it says

ZepMan190 (author)lhogarth2012-01-23

So sorry I didn't get back to you, ive been very busy but if you want to learn how to do it visit:

lhogarth (author)lhogarth2011-10-06

i havent got the instructions yet, can please have them some , because ot looks really amazing. :)

ibuildcoolstuff (author)2011-10-03

That looks cool! Can i have the instructions as well??

Carol Wagner (author)2011-10-02

I love origami, and I love a challenge. could I please have the instructions? Thanks!

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