Step 4: Getting Established

 The plants are growing and I have added uprights for the cucumbers to climb. The stepping stone in the foreground is a plain gray stone that has been decorated by hot gluing fish gravel  to it. This is the start of third year that the stone has been outdoors.
<p>Hi I did the same thing this is right before I mulched the path I wish I had a wider shot I have granite rocks all the way around</p>
creative design! Definitely good inspiration to think outside of typical squares and rows. Thanks for posting!
Looks awesome, Pink Bat. You guys did a terrific job. Love this idea. Am going to try it this spring! Thanks for sharing.
I think this is a great idea! Very beautiful and a great way to combine good composting habits and creative weed control. I'm tempted to try it as soon as possible. Well done!

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