Picture of Spiral Pen
One long spiral cut makes a Bic Roundstick a much more comfortable pen. Real simple but make sure not to cut yourself.

Step 1: Find a simple Bic Roundstick pen.

Picture of Find a simple Bic Roundstick pen.
Take out the ink and pen tip.
nice prank
parowe5 years ago
You can also cut in to the pen with the x-acto and then use scissors to finish the job. It is way easier then. Great idea though, I love my new pen.
Danny8 years ago
way more comfy!
daninja Danny6 years ago
Danny you imposter!
daninja daninja6 years ago
Take the first three letters of my to see the proof!
No, sorry, thats a FAIL
Kaiven6 years ago
pooboy8 years ago