Splash Proof Notebook





Introduction: Splash Proof Notebook

I work in wet environents and making notes is a pain when you are hanging on the sharp end of a ropein the rain. So this little item has saved the day on many ocations. It is not entirly fail proof but works well ans is almost free

Step 1: Grease Proof Paper Is the Main Ingredient

Cut a strip of grease proof paper. The more paper the thicker your note pad will be.

Step 2: Folding the Paper

First fold the paper in half lengthways.And the in halves till you have the required size.

Step 3: Making the Splash Proofs Covers

Use duck tape to make two covers for note book

Step 4: Bibding the Thing

stapel the covers on the precut/ pre stapled grease proof paper.then cover the staples with duck tape.

Step 5: A a Elastic Band to Keep the Hole Thing in Place

A a elastic band to keep the hole thing in place

Step 6: Done



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    Yeah, as TheCeese9921 asked above, "what would you use to write with?"

    1 reply

    a pencil?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!! duh

    You can probably use this underwater?

    instead of greaseproof paper could you use wax paper instead but what would you use to write with???

    Hey, that's pretty cool! But why do you hang from a rope in the rain?

    2 replies

    i am a rope access techi.abseiling doing concrete testsand the like.

    because it stops people coming up to you and saying 'stop standing iaround n the rain' very cool project, there is a brand of notepads designed for this, and this is an excellent example of how not to pay for them (o; well documented