Picture of splinter-in-foot bandage from bubble-wrap
I broke a glass in the middle of the night and while picking the pieces up, got an imperceptible shard of glass in my foot.  I numbed it up and picked at it with tweezers but still haven't found the bit of glass.  So now, when I walk just a certain way: Ouch.

I thought about going out to get something called a callus cushion:  http://www.drscholls.com/drscholls/productSearch.do?method=doProductDetailsLookup&searchArg=10

But then, I thought of this way to do the same thing and it didn't cost much.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
bubble wrap
bandaids or tape

Step 2: Cut a hexagonal shape

Picture of cut a hexagonal shape
cut out a hexagonal shape of bubble wrap.  snap the one in the middle so it is deflated.

Step 3: Apply

Picture of apply
tape the cushion over the wound with bandaids so that the deflated center is over the wound and the 6 remaining bubbles act as a cushion to help keep your weight off the injury.

Step 4: Pain free walking!

Picture of pain free walking!
Now I can walk around without going ouch.  I'm also sort of hoping this will help push the little bit of glass out, without driving it in deeper.

follow up:  a few days later, whatever it was came out of my foot, but I never found it. 
Robot Lover4 years ago
This reminds me of Michael Scott from the office when he burned his foot and wrapped it with bubble wrap! I have never heard of this idea before but I am sure it will come in handy!