this is a puppet my friend zuzanna and i have made for the child of a friend
 it has taken us 5 hours to complete including a tea brake

tools needed
glue gun
needle and thread 
sewing machine

materials needed
  sponge /foam or whatever name this material has, i use the sponge i found in an old mattress on the streets of berlin
so,cut all those mattresses you find in the garbage or on the street because this is a wonderfull material to build puppets
contact cement
 hot glue sticks
fleece   yellow   brown red  white , i got mine at a 99 cent shop  so you can find that there (at least in europe)
poliester stuffing

a really good cup of tea
lots of time

Step 1: cut and glue

cut two pieces from a thick sponge and two pannels from a thin one
glue together to form a brick form with a hole inside
use contact cement to glue foam
apply to both sides .wait for two minutes and then bond parts together
We'll made
This was an epic fail really that does not look like spongebob
Not going to lie, that scares the hell out of me.<br><br>But it is very nicely made, just scary. ^^
I have to agree with splinks on this one...<br>
Funky awesome, puppet making. Bonus for dollar store supplies.

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