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Introduction: SprayBOX Ver.1.1

thanks to the replies on the first instructable... this is kind a follow-up...
inspired by the comments...

as usual the image will explain the rest

ill leave it to you how to camouflage your individual box...
costumes are encouraged 2

have a nice spray...



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    Maybe for 1.1 B you could add a electrical switch on the side like a morse telegraph almost, you could tap the "tab" while "Nervously waiting" for something at the mall, get it up, get out. Whaddya think?

    Have you tried this out? Looks a little sketchy to have one can in the middle of a stencil with no way to provide coverage. Why not shove four cans in there, glue a bar across the caps and have one button to activate them all?

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    i was thinkin the same thing, with just one can in te middle, would'nt it just spray part of the stencil? maybe there could be a way to rotate the can from the out side? i dont know...

    As much as i hate saying this the new krylons might work for this as it has like those spray patterns that spray like sideways in a line so if ou space it far enough it would work Ugh. Montana caps even are really expensive where i live the can cost up to 3 dollars the nyc skinny and fats are like 50 though

    You could try using a Montana Pink Dot cap. Those have huge coverage, but drain the paint super fast

    u dont have to use a pink dot, u can use a german fat cap or even a ny fat cap, and they dont use paint up as much as pink dots

    i used photoshop to do the diagram... and some pix from google_image_search ... took me about an hour... peaceout

    sick idea, and what program did you use to make the little diagram?

    This doesn't seem very fun to use though, not quite as fun as hiding in the shadows then steathily spraying up your stencil. I like that way better, but hey, I may just try something new for a change.

    i agree with fungus. but also this is a good idea, i never thought of this. just having a self conatined stencil box with a button....i think you've blown my mind. i'm uhh....gonna go work on something. i'll be back.

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    All right, Scurl, first one to make this and post it wins... absolutely nothing. But it'll be a good project. Oh yeah, new caps from your local hip hop shoppe would help, too.

    Shouldn't the word "stencil" be rotate towards the spraycan... Otherwise the stencil wil be in mirror writing (I'm not sure if this is correct English so I hope you understand what I mean)

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    Yes you are correct. And just as a side note, your English is pretty damn good (far better than I've seen other places). The only obvious mistake I saw at a glance was " . . . word "stencil" be rotateD towards . . . "

    yes... true