Picture of spring powered knex gun
Okey, this is a very simple gun, wich is made just for showing people how-to-use-a-spring-in-a-standard-block-trigger-gun.

shoots a fine 40 feet (with my spring)

If your just going to post something similar to stop posting this becuase its a block trigger, don't, i will come to you and haunt you (A).
This gun also can use some standard rubber bands, but i dont suggest it.


Step 1: Gather your parts!

get yourself:
1 spring, about 1 cm diameter and about 7 cm long.

1 rubber band, fo rthe auto cocking, as small as possible (even those tiny little half a centimetre ones will do!)

1 ball joint connector

2 blue rods
5 yellow rods
4 white rods
3 green/black rods
2 red/tan rods
2 grey/black rods

12 yellow connectors
4 white connectors
11 green connectors
2 red connectors
6 light gray connectors
24 dark gray connectors
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firezone5 years ago
you might want to add what kind of spring (extension or compression, extensions springs are kinda like a rubber-band and compression springs are the kind that you're using
altaria1993 (author)  firezone5 years ago
You can use both, if you use a compression spring you should just attach it on the other side of the ram and also attach it on the front somehow.
I know that I tend to be a smart alec at times but this isn't so much an Instructable as it is, a picture book. Being that I've seen many guns posted on this site over the years, your particular design caught my interest because it was intelligently crafted on a spring-based weaponry layout. This stood out quite well in comparison to the weak, noobish, and unreliable sea of useless rubber band driven hand guns. However this Instructable became a disappointment upon seeing that it had no instructions, thus reducing it to a mere suffix that is -able. While some are capable of creation from illustration, others, including myself, simply wait until this -able's author to bring enlightenment concerning the methods used to create such a weapon of ingenuity.
sweet name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
altaria1993 (author)  chuck norris7 years ago
haha thank you :D now ill probably will probably make a more proper insturctable, thanks :D
I will at least thank you for posting a positive reply.
liamjohnson6 years ago
double chesse
agreed my fine sir with salami perhaps my good chap?
barrax6 years ago
I got a spring gun that's as powerfulas the KK gun - making a magaazine for it. should i post it. P.S. If this goes 50ft. is about the same power.
privite8 years ago
too confusing
altaria1993 (author)  privite7 years ago
do you have a brain?
Sypran7 years ago
it was a little to powerful but i once used an old broken airsoft guns spring (expect to used bracers/conforters on not just the fireing pin but where the pin hits the conectors.
napalm1447 years ago
it looks a lol like a frog if u look just right
altaria1993 (author)  napalm1447 years ago
what did you do to your frog?
biggio8 years ago
You can get good springs at Lowes.
altaria1993 (author)  biggio8 years ago
sadly i have never saw one fo those on the netherlands
that stinks
altaria1993 (author)  biggio7 years ago
where would i find a spring big enough to fit around a knex rod??????
altaria1993 (author)  peanutbordeux8 years ago
get a (old) pen, get a strong boot (army boots :D) and stamp the pen, take the spring, pull it out in with, and voila, though you can also just by them ar a hardware store :)
you can easily find a spring in a Jumbo size Popup Push pop thats were i got mine, my gun shot about 50 ft. just smash the crap out of a [EMPTY!!] popup push pop thing and the spring is about 3 1/2 inches long or 10 cm for you metric peeps
altaria1993 (author)  lilpepsikraker7 years ago
i wouldn't know what the hell is a jumbo size popup push pop, though, if it works, i'm fine :P and about the metric stuff, dont start saying centimetres are for geeks... they are more accutare then "about one eight of an inch"...
i never said ANYthing about metric is for geeks!! please i just hate when people flame over silly things like this! :) Fire is bad.. whatever
reminds me of the gewher 42 in ww2
yeah a bit
yay coments!
ultimachris8 years ago
smidge1478 years ago
i made something like this i used a bb gun spring and it was fairly powerful.
that spring looks like the one out of my brothers potato gun. too bad i smashed the whole thing with a sledge hammer. LOL
mrbox8 years ago
lol, i'm new to this but nice design i tried making it with a 5cm spring that fits perfectly around the knex piece. The gun launched a good 40 to 45 feet! Great Job, keep up the good work!
ive just built this and it really let me down, 3ft ..............................................................................................................
altaria1993 (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse8 years ago
then i suggest you get a stronger spring, mine went up to 40 ft and i used an old metal spring wich is a lot weaker then when i bought it ( 5 for €2,50) so you should really try and get a stronger spring, i designed it just so that it cna have a lot of tension to both the front and the back of the ram rod, so thets not the problem...
altaria1993 (author)  altaria19938 years ago
the € part should bve a Euro sign, and btw, 2,5 Euro is about 3 US dollars
altaria1993 (author) 8 years ago
have you guys also tried making it?
yea i did and it went a good 33ft.
Easy Button8 years ago
i have a spring but its only like 3cms
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