Introduction: Spudgun

how to make a devil's machine that fires clumps of organic material into space... aka : a spudgun

disclaimer: the usual stuff: I am in no possible way responsible for any damage you do to other peoples properties , others and yourself.
I do certainly not encourage shooting at others * ahum ahum uche uche*
long pvc pipe
combustion chamber( mixes the oxygen with fuel)
lighter(cylinder shaped)
pvc cement
cap(the same size as your pvc pipe)
silicone glue

Step 1: Collecting the Parts

Glue one end of the cap to the long pipe with the cement and push it VERY hard for about 1 minute.
glue the combustion chamber to the long pipe with cement
Take a drill and drill a hole about the size of your lighter in the combustion chamber
Insert the lighter into the drilled hole and secure it by using silicone,ducttape,basicly anything that sticks!

Step 2: Shooting the Taters

push a potato halfway in
open the cap at the end of your pipe
spray hairspray inside( 2-3 sec's)
secure the cap in the right way(you don't want it to hit your face when the gun fires)
aim at an angle of 45°
click the lighter and bombs away !!!

-- you can play paintball if you replace the potato with bath pearls


pisstolcrossbow (author)2008-09-29

nice spudgun how far does it shoot.


50 meters if you jam the potato in real tight


ok you guys, how about as far as a real gun, I got everything just right, and made it into a rifle, (small barrel)!


just had a sick idea and tried it out , a friend said , what if we use compressed air to turbocharge it , like in cars ... so we did. I shot it if front of my house , and the soundof it fireing was so loud , that we all were deaf for 10 mins , the day after , i tried a point blank shot at a piece of wood 5 cm thick. blew right trough it


looks like you may not have the ideal chamber to barrel ratio . . .I've gotten mine to shoot near 300 yards (about 274 meters) consistently and have heard (possibly tall) tales of much better distances great firing location though!

Kaiven (author)Kaelessin2009-03-31

How does a quarter of a mile sound? :P (true story)


jep , not a person around

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