Picture of spy microphone
this is a microphone discised as a dvd case all you need is a dvd case a gutar tuner pickup and tape

Step 1: Bend the holders

Picture of bend the holders
take the case and bend the dvd holder thing back
Check your spelling man
Guitar pickups work by generating electrical fields by using a moving wire above them... would'nt work
Worst. Instructable. Evar.
 I kinda agree........ cuz guitar things dont record
 This makes no sense to me. Where does the wire connect???
cnmaine (author)  insructoperson5 years ago
it conects to a gutar amp
to whatever you want. You can connect it to a computer or tape player, etc.
tape recorder**
Devin.Major6 years ago
.......But good instructable though!!
Devin.Major6 years ago
Seriously man, take a grammar class, oh wait, something you could read...... Tak u gramer klas!!
UMmmmmmmm No Offence man but it would be better if u did something like hook it up to a walkie talkie or something remote
not suspicious at all, is just a dvd with a cord sticking out of it and a large bulge on one side
GreenDay6 years ago
Yo you need to go through and check your spelling.