Picture of spy microphone
this is a microphone discised as a dvd case all you need is a dvd case a gutar tuner pickup and tape
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Step 1: Bend the holders

Picture of bend the holders
take the case and bend the dvd holder thing back

Step 2: Fish it

Picture of fish it
chris 044.JPG
fish the wire through the hole then tape

Step 3: Hide the wire

Picture of hide the wire

Step 4: Finshed

Picture of finshed
you would never know its a microphone
Check your spelling man
Guitar pickups work by generating electrical fields by using a moving wire above them... would'nt work
Worst. Instructable. Evar.
 I kinda agree........ cuz guitar things dont record
 This makes no sense to me. Where does the wire connect???
cnmaine (author)  insructoperson5 years ago
it conects to a gutar amp
to whatever you want. You can connect it to a computer or tape player, etc.
tape recorder**
Devin.Major6 years ago
.......But good instructable though!!
Devin.Major6 years ago
Seriously man, take a grammar class, oh wait, something you could read...... Tak u gramer klas!!
UMmmmmmmm No Offence man but it would be better if u did something like hook it up to a walkie talkie or something remote
not suspicious at all, is just a dvd with a cord sticking out of it and a large bulge on one side
GreenDay6 years ago
Yo you need to go through and check your spelling.