Picture of spyder-like reverse trike
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This is my first instructable so i`m gonna try to just keep it short and sweet .
 it all began when my bro got the idea to build a bike that was like a can am spyder and thus the project began.
  The whole thing took me maybe a month and half , which i think isn`t bad considering all the distractions I have ..
WARNING.......working with power tools and metal is dangerous ....don`t even try to blame me if you hurt yourself!!!

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Step 1: Tools & material

 hack saw
 grinder (bench and angle)also safety goggles ,fragments of hot metal in the eyes is no fun at all !!!!
 metal file
 drill (hand and press)
  wrenches (both metric and American)
 and anything i left out get it ..the more the better!!!

Bikes ,bikes ,and more bikes.. most towns have a crazy old bike guy. (I might be that guy in my town). that`s the best place to find bikes to chop up.
free scrap metal wherever you find it helps...i found a snowblower on craigslist free!!! with running motor!!! sweet
or if you wanna go all fancy big budget build ..go to most any hardware store and get tubes stuff there

Step 2: The Core&Arms

Picture of The Core&Arms
step1. the core of this build is a rectangular cube made of squared tubing . this is the base of what all will be built onto so try to get it as squared as you can.
step2. lower A arms ..pretty easy to make . just chopped up bike tubing smashed flat on one end at an angle.weld together to make a V then add your - for the A
step3. more tube cut at short lengths ..weld to end. simple enough right !! let`s move on then!!

Step 3: Upper arms &and steering

Picture of Upper arms &and steering
step4 .two forks cut to proper length smaller tubes welded to ends ..easy peazzzy
step5. steering tubes with metal plates welded to them in a parallel fashion , the height of the plate must match that of the cube
we made will notice the mistake i made when comparing the pic below to future pics
PKM20 days ago

I believe the "nylon doughnut like things" you talk about that go between the A arms and the frame are called bushes or bushings. I love this whole thing, it's a great mixture of clever design and "just weld it, it'll be fine".

Also if you want ideas for cramming tiny gas engines into bikes, check out iron pooma customs, it's a source of inspiration for me.

FrankenPC.22 days ago

This is brilliant. Great work.

Gregg E.22 days ago

Do you get any front tire scrub when turning? The inside wheel has to turn more than the outside wheel to match the difference in radius. Look up Ackermann steering geometry.

jmrock3 years ago
I love that you used forks for the upper 'A' arms. I've build many things and never once have I looked at a fork as a possible a-arm. Kuddo's to the entire build!! Thanks for sharing too.
h0race3 years ago
MacGyver would be proud....
suspension! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cjbikenut3 years ago
This looks like a great project! I agree with "iminthebathroom" about the balance, if you use a smaller wheeled bike for the back and shift the seat so your weight is over that wheel you'll have better traction and slightly less weight to carry around. A shorter wheelbase would move the steering more towards sports car than limo if that matters to you. I guess that depends on the type of riding you would do with it.
TSC3 years ago
Good job!
TSC3 years ago
Think we all want video!
Totally amazing. Bet the tippy part is just from the high center of balance. Chop the rear bike frame and drop it real low, real real low. Advance the pedal forward almost like a recumbant, witht he rear wheel behind the seat almost. Basically the seat could be skimming the ground at the same height as the underside of your front end cube frame. With the addition of a motor on the rear you'd have quite the machine. Aside from my two cents great job, your front end is sweet
l8nite3 years ago
thats an impresive front suspension system, my 1st thought was you had "borrowed" the front end of a quad ! Looks like it would work really well for a recumbent
Kiteman3 years ago
Clever job, but it looks heavy - how does it ride?
kong79 (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
it is heavy in the front ,but i think when i put a motor on it ,that might balance it a bit. plus the motor will be good push the added weight. as for how it rides,its`s a little tippy ,but that could be said for other trikes i guess..hopefully the motor will help hold it down a little..
rimar20003 years ago
Good work!