Square Lanyerd Stitch





Introduction: Square Lanyerd Stitch

Most guys would think that this is girl stuff because it's braiding but it kinda fun when there's nothing else to do well here are pics of it completed(pic1) and of its final knot(pic2).

Step 1: First Stitch

take two peices of string the same length and cross them at their middle. then take the two bottom (yellow in my case) strands and cross them over the top to look like my second pic. take the other strands and cross them over the first yellow and under the second so it looks like pic three. pull tight.

Step 2: Continue the Braid

cross the two yellow strands over the first braid like in pic 1.
then cross the two black strands over the first yellow and under the second and pull tight. repeat untill strands are 1 1/2 inches long or lanyerd is desired length. ignore notes.

Step 3: Finishing (optional)

do one final stitch but leave it loose. I can't describe this very well but take one of the black strands and wrap it around the closest black strand and up the middle and do the same for all the strands and pull tight. there finally finished!

Step 4: Cool Rocket.

look at this cool rocket ship combo I made.



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    you must have a lot of free time


    you have tooooooooo much time on your hands to be able to make a rocket like that.

    I think your pictures are great, and are really helpful! I think you did a great job instructing the interested. Please keep up the great work on all your projects. You are one of the best instructers on this website. I really needed to know how to Cross Stitch' or else I would have been fired from the company, and your directions really helped me keep my job! So thank you VERY much! Like I said before, 'Keep up the good work'!!! =)

    Your directions helped my brother finish a "Half-the-grade-of-the-quarter" project. And he really apreciates it!!! =)

    I also posted an instructable about this,https://www.instructables.com/id/Cool-Keyholder/,
    But you explained the how to do even better and posted better quality pictures.

    at my school thompson middle in alabama ,we just got started in it and so have i. im actually working on one right now.actually 15.

    isn't it Lanyard and not Lanyerd?

    i love doing tthis in school i made a vietnmaese flag with the box but i had multiple verticle lanyard and one horizontal but ech layer takes about a minute and the one horzontal lanyard has to be really long

    Nice trick :) The same knot is starting to be used by UK Scouts as a way of having a neckerchief without a woggle (usually a little ring of leather for non-Scouts). It's tied right at the bottom, and called a Friendship Knot, but it's obviously just a crown sennit.