Square paracord lanyard

Step 1:

Take 57in of paracord. cut it in half and take inner string out

Step 2:

On one cord find the center and tie a loop in it like this.

Step 3:

Holding the loop upside down place the other cord on the loop section of the cord.and cross the bottom cord as shown.

Step 4:

Perform on both sides of top cord as shown.
(pull them tite)

Step 5:

Once this is done it should look like this.
Continue steps until desired length.

Step 6:

When done cut the extra cord off.

Step 7:

Then with a lighter melt the ends.

Step 8:

Now you are finished.
<p>my father was a military paratrooper when I was growing up, he`d have these all over his gear (lanyards, zipper pulls etc) and showed us kids (4 of us, me the youngest) how to make them. I am now 51 yrs old and lost my father a handful of years back. It was very memorable for me to make a few of these lastnight. It`s been so long I forgotten how to do these. I THANK YOU !!</p>
I love paracord
used the inner strands to make an america theme <br> <br>thanks
used the inner strands on mine to make an &quot;america&quot; theme <br> <br>thanks for the instructable!
Thanks for the idea. I do gimp so stitch was easy, I angled mine creating a circle stitch. <br />
what swiss is that
a swiss champ. (a very great multi tool)
<p>Cool lanyard and swiss.</p>
nice swiss. good ible<br />

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