Square paracord lanyard

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Step 1:

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Take 57in of paracord. cut it in half and take inner string out

Step 2:

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On one cord find the center and tie a loop in it like this.

Step 3:

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Holding the loop upside down place the other cord on the loop section of the cord.and cross the bottom cord as shown.

Step 4:

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Perform on both sides of top cord as shown.
(pull them tite)

Step 5:

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Once this is done it should look like this.
Continue steps until desired length.

Step 6:

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When done cut the extra cord off.

Step 7:

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Then with a lighter melt the ends.

Step 8:

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Now you are finished.
bak912142 years ago
used the inner strands to make an america theme

bak912142 years ago
used the inner strands on mine to make an "america" theme

thanks for the instructable!
sipcat5 years ago
Thanks for the idea. I do gimp so stitch was easy, I angled mine creating a circle stitch.
boston095 years ago
what swiss is that
steampunk1942 (author)  boston095 years ago
a swiss champ. (a very great multi tool)
ImCrafty145 years ago

Cool lanyard and swiss.

Robot Lover5 years ago
nice swiss. good ible
steampunk1942 (author)  Robot Lover5 years ago